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Did you know that money lending in Singapore is legal? There are a couple of money lending companies that are licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). These companies are authorized to offer Urgent Loan Singapore to borrowers or the general public who are in need of money. Rules and policies have been put in place to regulate these money lenders and curb them, so unauthorized collection methods cannot be done, exorbitant interest rates are prohibited as well. Taking out a unsecured loan may not be a bad thing after all as this could help you maintain and economize your long-term expenses.

Take out loans responsibly, do not over-commit to a loan that you are not able to pay back, as a result stretching your loan repayment fees and snowballing unnecessary interest rates. As these licensed moneylenders do not require you to provide a reason while taking out a Cash Loan Singapore Low Interest unlike banks, you should do your due diligence by calculating and forecasting if you are able to make repayments monthly moving forward and if it will affect expenses such as your transport fees or daily meals.

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While there are quite a number of benefits that a Legal Money Lender in Singapore can offer to you, it is still best to affirm and validate these offerings legally. Check against the full list of legal money lenders from the Ministry of Law to authenticate if the money lender you are intending to borrow is authorized to loan money.

At Fastloan.sg, as the name implies, you are able to take out loans and Fast Money Singapore at the fastest time period without having to wait for any troublesome approvals, application forms after another, and a proper reason to justify the loan. A licensed money lender allows you to bypass the above steps, allowing the loan application to be a hassle free one. What is even taxing would be your credit score rating that banks take into account for. If you have a bad credit score previously, they will reject you after a long wait, forcing you to start from scratch. This may sound scary to you but you should not be afraid to approach a licensed money lender in Singapore as we do not allow your previous bad credit score be a factor to determine if you can take out a loan or not. Our interest rates are being regulated by MAS, putting a cap to it and the repayment dates would ultimately be set by you, giving you the flexibility to make repayments.

Upon furnishing of the relevant mandatory documents, you may even get your Urgent Loan Singapore instantly! It is this simple, and you need not worry if there is any hidden costs as everything that will be imposed will be mentioned upfront even before the loan is being taken up.

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Fastloan.sg’s Licensed money lender has been in the industry for a good amount of time to understand when and why a person needs an Urgent Loan Singapore. Usually are taken out during an emergency, else there is really not a need to take out a loan that urgently. We want to assure you that at any point of time if the details of the loan application does not sound right to you, it is totally fine for you to walk away. No Private Money Lender Singapore should employ any method to coerce or compel you to take out a loan with them.

If you are not able to make your payments under a short term period, fret not, we do have our long term loan packages you may consider as an alternative. Fastloan.sg has one of the lowest interest rates in the industry and the most flexible repayment packages you can ever find. We want you to take out a loan at ease, make your repayments at ease without having to compromise your daily expenses.

Fill in our simple loan application form or drop us a call and our loan consultants will reach you shortly. We understand that time is money hence we will get in touch with you right away! Wait no further!

Mandatory Requirements & Eligibility

  • Borrowers are to be at least 21 years of age and above
  • A Valid NRIC (Identification Card)
  • A Valid Passport
  • Any Billing Proof Indicating your Residential Address (E.g. Mobile bill)
  • Latest 3 months of your Payslip